Reading / Writing / Typing

Reading / Writing / Typing

Reading and Writing

We will have 3 placement levels of study, with 4 categories. Our team of patient and caring instructors will help in the areas of:

• Alphabetics – The ability to work with individual sounds in spoken word, and the ability to notice & think about the differences

• Vocabulary – Learning the words we need to communicate the best way possible. An increase in vocabulary will also greatly increase comprehension

• Fluency – Grouping words correctly & quickly to help gain a sense of what is being read. Fluency is essential because it provides a link between word recognition and understanding

• Comprehension – The number one goal for reading is obtaining knowledge. Our instructors will work to help students disect a text and absorb the information

Prosody Touch-Up

Prosody Touch-Up

Prosody Touch-Up

• Prosody – The defining feature of expressive reading, brings together all of the variables of timing, phrasing, emphasis, and intonation that speakers use to help convey aspects of meaning and to make their speech lively. One of the challenges of oral reading is adding back the prosodic cues that are largely absent from written language

• 45 Minute Session of Phonemic Awareness – Increase the ability to notice, think about and work with individual sounds in spoken word

Typing Class

• We welcome Intermediate/Beginners typers for 90 minute sessions

• Our classes have flexible schedules on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00am and 6:30pm

• Will be a 10 week timescale with the goal of reaching a 60 word per minute typing capability